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Consultation for Traveling in the Holy Land

Personalized Approach

We give you the right to design your tour. So you experience and enjoy the trip you designed. Some of the groups choose the cultural and historical others they choose to come for meetings and talking with people from communities – person to person visit and understand the way of living especially that in this land there are three religions living together. Others come to follow Jesus steps where he was born, lived, proclaimed his gospels, performed miracles, crucified and rose from the dead. Living faiths are part of the land because it is the home of the Jews, Christians and Muslims who are trying to live according to God’s Will.


Comprehensive Trip Planning for Pilgrimage


Visiting Churches, archaeological sites and exploring the landscapes shaping the direct connection to the biblical events


Professional Travel Guides

Exceeding Expectations

All our guides are knowledgeable, licensed, high language skills, patience and helpful.
All our buses are all new ones – with Wi-Fi. Drivers are patience, committed to their work and professionals.

Travel Services: Travel Services
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